First Generation and Low income Medical Student Association



First-Generation Low-Income in Medicine Association (FGLIMed) mission is to create a network of medical students, undergraduate students, physicians and alumni that identify as first generation or from a low income background. We strive to achieve socio-economic equality within the medical field through elevation of resources, mentorship and community outreach. It is our intention to be both an academic and personal support system for our members. We achieve this by facilitating, celebrating and highlighting the success of first-generation low-income medical students here at AMC. 


FGLIMed was first founded at Albany Medical College many years ago, but eventually became inactive until 2019, when Michele Cerasani (Class of '22) and Fredy Huertero (Class of '20) worked to revive it. Prior to 2020, FGLIMed was known as 1GMED, until the name was changed to be more inclusive. In the short time since then, FGLIMed has become an integral part of both the AMC community and USA. 

Events and Initiatives 

Since our revival in 2019, FGLIMed hosted a National First Generation Week and began a mentorship program pairing first generation students with faculty who either identify as first generation or as supporters. Our mentorship program has now expanded beyond FGLIMed and now includes all students that identify as Underrepresented in medicine at AMC. 

During National First Generation Week, we host a panel discussion featuring first-generation physicians/students who share their journeys to and through medical school. In addition, we host a “med school 101” lecture to help prepare students for success in achieving their next milestones, such as STEP 1, STEP 2, applying for residency.

Lastly, FGLIMed is passionate about exploring basic needs and insecurity of medical trainees. This year FGLIMed has worked closely with our advisors and Dean Boulos to advocate for the donation of stethoscopes to 14 low-income students from the class of 2027. We plan to maintain this initiative through fundraising and continued advocacy. 

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FGLIMed is led by an executive board that is formed in February of each year. The 2022-2023 executive board of FGLIMed is:

Past leadership includes Dakota Wilkinson (Class of '25), Deepika Kothakapa (Class of '25), Catherine Ramos (Class of '25), Daniel Mutua (Class of '25), Zoey Bert (Class of '25), Savannah Stewart (Class of '25), Devante Bryant-Nurse (Class of '25), Annette Kaminaka (Class of '24), Michelle Williams (Class of '23), Brooke Davis (Class of '24), Alyssa Galloway (Class of '24), Angelina McKenna (Class of '24), Skylar Luu (Class of '24), Enxhi Rrapi (Class of '23), Angela McCall (Class of '23), John Chhoa (Class of '23),  Tiffany Wang (Class of '23), Michele Cerasani (Class of '22), and Fredy Huertero (Class of '20).

Get Connected

Interested in getting involved, learning more about us, or meeting with a FGLIMed representative when you interview at Albany Med? Reach out to us using our email below: