Mission and Vision

The mission of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) is to serve Muslim students and alumni and facilitate their efforts to establish, develop, and maintain professionally-supported chapters of Muslim Student Associations. Emphasis is placed on the spiritual, religious, and social, civic growth and well-being of students.

MSA aims to ensure that all Muslim students have a safe space in which to build a closer relationship with God and their community. MSA is guided by the following principles:

  • Love is our highest aspiration

  • Knowledge precedes our actions

  • Truthfulness is the mark of our speech

  • Patience is the hallmark of our planning

  • Sincerity is the foundation of our existence

  • Forgiveness precedes our reconciliatory efforts

  • Humility guides our conduct

  • Gratitude binds our hearts together

  • Tolerance is the banner of our outreach

  • Moderation is the compass for our journey


Established in January 1963, the Muslim Students Association of the U.S. & Canada (MSA National) continues to serve Muslim students during their college and university careers by facilitating their efforts to establish, maintain and develop local MSA chapters. MSA National was first established on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by a conference of Muslim students from around the U.S. and Canada, MSA National has been a uniting forum for Muslim students from diverse backgrounds over 50 years. It continues its mission of meeting the needs of Muslim youth on campus with the zeal and energy of the Muslim students, but requires the support of the larger community. MSA came to Albany Medical College (AMC) in 2017, when a chapter was founded by Sara Khan (Class of 2020) and Sarah Kader (Class of 2020). Since 2017, MSA has been extremely active at AMC, hosting a variety of events on campus, to both unite the Muslim community at AMC and engage the greater community.

Events and Initiatives

In addition to active participation in USA associated events, MSA also plans their own events and initiatives, some of which are listed below:

  • Orientation BBQ with faculty

  • Community building gatherings

  • Weekly Friday Jummah service offered in ME-700 at 1PM

  • "Islam and Organ Transplantation" seminar (2020)

  • Yearly Ramadan Banquet

  • Seminars and events


MSA at Albany Medical College has traditionally been led by two Co-Presidents that coordinate events and run the organization at the college. The current 2021-2022 Co-Presidents are:

  • Ali Alasady (He/Him/His)

  • Jad Moumen (He/Him/His)

Past leadership includes Daanial Iqbnal (Class of '23), Ayesha Khan (Class of '23), Sara Haque (Class of '22), Saad Akhtar (Class of '22), Sara Khan (Class of '20), and Sarah Kader (Class of '20).

Get Connected

Interested in getting involved, learning more about us, or meeting with a MSA representative when you interview at Albany Med? Reach out to us using our email below: